How much is too much?

This blog is going to be a quick one, something I just had to share with the world (totally notwithstanding the site stats, so to write).

I just read a disturbing piece of news wherein Facebook opted to retain videos of decapitation videos circulating in their website. They decided that they had to preserve the “freedom” of the individuals who uploaded the videos, and that the clips, which purportedly show people beheading other people, was meant as a warning,

Quoting Facebook’s statement verbatim, 

While this video is shocking, our approach is designed to preserve people’s rights to describe, depict and comment on the world in which we live.


Of course, they did a volte-face once backlash ensued. There are such things that go beyond “crossing a line”. Circulating/Uploading videos of killing a person is one of them. I identify with the backlash very strongly because I was affected by one such incident during my college days. It was via e-mail from a friend, who sent me a link to a video plainly titled “Shocking!”. I opened the video to see something funny, instead it was the video of an obviously mentally ill person, standing atop a stationary train somewhere in India. He was shouting something, put his hands up, got a severe shock from the power lines above and burnt to death. The whole video was about only 2 minutes, but I cannot tell you how much I was psychologically affected for the next few months…

So, please, think twice, thrice, four times, before even contemplating about sending such links to other people. You cannot expect others to have the same macabre sense of humor as you do. It’s a pity, I know. But we all need to learn to live with that.


More on this here:


You are F******ked if

1. You experience shortness of breath and mild nausea if you don’t log in onto Facebook once every hour and update your status ripped from “100 funniest one-liners” website.

2. You constantly comment, on your own comments.

3. You have no clue on what Black Swan or Inception was about  (even after watching it once at theaters and twice on bootlegged copies circulating on the Internet)  but frequently enter into intellectual debates about the movies on Facebook just to show you are “in” with the rest of the (clueless) crowd.

4. You dream about selling your farmville property and retiring to the countryside (and tried twice to sell it on E-bay).

5.  You take pictures of your face at strange angles and force people to comment on how good you look.

6. All your major life-changing decisions (such as getting married or shifting to a new country) are taken by a majority “like” vote by your Facebook friends.

7.  You think you have a Facebook stalker who is living in your house in the basement.

8. The only chat with a human you had for the past 8.9 weeks was with a strange man from Anchorage who insisted he was your long-lost uncle. Rest of the time, you were busy uploading strange-angled profile pictures and ripped-from-website status updates

9. You sent money to your fake long-lost uncle thinking he really is your long-lost uncle even though you know you have no long-lost uncles loitering around in the Alaskan wilderness.

10. You cannot remember the last time you took care of your personal hygeine because you couldn’t tear your eyes off the computer screen for the fear of losing your sheep flock.

Oh boy, you have been Facebooked!