Read this before you read the rest

This blog is mostly  irrelevant, politically incorrect (although I can never fathom what that phrase means), at times funny, and no offense is given or taken. The events/views/poems/sonnets posted in this blog are not to be taken at face value since they are highly exaggerated and totally not worth the emergency calls to the police/hospital/SEAL6 teams  that may ensue. The people/events/places mentioned in this blog are extended caricatures (okay, not the places) and do not, in any way, represent the ground (or underground) realities.

The usual disclaimers apply (and I have no idea what they are).

And if by any chance, you are Justin Timberlake or Ryan Gosling,



7 thoughts on “Read this before you read the rest

  1. I’m really glad that you have returned! I enjoyed your 100 posts in 100 days, but I thought your final one was a bit anti-climactic. Now you are back, better than ever!! I hope you don’t mind exclamation points (even though you hate hyphens)!

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