About the no-adjectives-to-describe, god-she-hate-hyphens blogger !

Purple is an avid reader, a voracious eater, and spends half the time sleeping and the other half dreaming about sleeping. She knows everything about anything and has fallen in and out of love exactly 28.3 times. That she has had an adventure-filled childhood would be the understatement of the millenium. She broke a colour TV when she was 2 years old (trust me, it was not for the sake of publicity!), donated Rs 100 from her father’s purse to a beggar in 1992 , fell into a water tank filled with water when she was 3 years old  and was lost and found twice during a 2-day period (her mom has still not recovered from the shock of finding her daughter again). She hates American spellings and punctuations and is obsessed about reading Wikipedia. Enough things said. The servers can handle only that much data


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