Fooling around in April

Frankly, if you ask me, April Fool’s Day is the most dangerous of all days ever celebrated in the history of mankind. Seriously. It is more dangerous than the “Feeding Men to Lions” day, celebrated with great gusto in the Roman Empire. More dangerous than the “Feeding Mice to Snakes and Vice Versa” day, still celebrated clandestinely in some parts of North and South America, and Asia, And Africa, and Antarctica. And Europe. And on the moon.

Still not convinced? Well here’s a scenario.

Let’s say Kim Jong-un decides to nuke the world today. Imagine how the conversation would pan out


North Korea: We are nuking the world

Rest of World (ROW):  What the… Oh, it’s April 1.

North Korea: No really, see, we have aimed rockets in the general direction of the entire world (shows live TV feed of rockets in launch position).

ROW: What the… Oh, nice try! The dummy rockets look so real!

North Korea: Swearing in North Korean at the general world

ROW: Wahahaha. Pseudo-swearing. Love it! So dramatic…

North Korea: Seriously guys, you are getting on our nerves and we are this close to getting our men on our unmanned rockets

ROW: Hahahahahaa

North Korea: Attack!




And that’s how the world came to an end.

Now who’s looking foolish?



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