Lifelong partner to crash weddings. Strictly Business.


11 thoughts on “Wanted:

  1. Me Me Me!, I can send you my CV. Crashed weddings a couple of times in different cities and even of different religions!!
    insane boredom at office made me click your blog from URT, where i was having my daily tonic to ward off boredom……

    • Hello Aravind (not Iyengar),
      As part of the first screening step, please knock on your manager’s door, go inside, take a seat and shout these words at the top of your voice “Upper Roller, Lower Roller” (three times, really fast). We’ll take on from there.
      As always, thank you for your interest in this position.

      • He aint here ……. out there in Germany…. and I would be glad to do that if the potential recruiter is able to arrange the logistics ! 🙂

        • Hello Aravind (not Iyengar),
          You can contact again once your manager returns back from Germany and you have successfully performed your preliminary task (video evidence is required).

          Best Regards,

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