It is us who have to be blamed

For the past two weeks, I have held back my views and emotions as thousands of people have prayed, held candlelight vigils and demanded death punishment for the rapists who had sexually assaulted a 23-year-old girl and injured her companion and threw them out of a moving bus from a flyover. I could not watch the news that held 24/7 commentary from common people, politicians, actors and activists as to what went wrong and why what happened happened. I switched channels, avoided reading the headlines and basically “switched off” from everything connected to the case…

Today, at approximately 4.4.5 am Indian Standard Time, the young girl died at a Singapore hospital from her injuries, the extent of which has not really been disseminated by the media because of the brutality and horror that was inflicted upon her. I had an inkling the brave girl would not live longer when I heard that she was shifted to a Singapore hospital in a sudden turn of events. And my distaste only compounded when I also heard that the sudden shift to a foreign shore was not due to medical reasons, but was a political decision taken at the highest levels of the ruling government.

I do not want to get into the nitty gritty details of what happened… I am neither a psychologist nor a psychiatrist. But I know one thing: There is NOTHING the governments all around the world could do to stop crimes against women. NOTHING.

People who assault other people are not being groomed by governments, that I can tell you for sure. Rapists, pedophiles, murderers and thieves walk on the face of the earth without a care in the world because most of them either have the right “connections” or their family members know what they are doing is wrong, but fail to report them because of a dark, twisted sense of familial bonding. And I will not accept the fact that women in India are more vulnerable that their counterparts in the developed world. Sweden, one of the world’s most developed countries, also has the highest rate of crime against women. Please, someone explain that to me…

Also, the blame is partly on us. Yes, you read that right. Not the government, but we the people. We have inexplicably morphed into a patriarchal society, where women are expected to be docile, submissive, accommodating and adjusting, and I sometimes wonder if these adjectives ever applied to the male gender in the history of mankind. Each time a woman is assaulted, either by her family members or outside, I can bet my life she doesn’t report it in the first instance. Violence never stops at step one, and FIRs are filed only when the pain becomes unbearable. So, instead of holding candle light vigils (which, according to me, is a waste of a whole lot of wax) and calling out the government for its inaction , next time you undergo or witness violence against any gender, or any living organism, for that matter, report to the concerned authorities. Don’t avert your eyes as if nothing has happened. Because each time you avert your eyes and turn your head away and cover your ears, there are a thousand more cases lurking in the background, without a chance to come to light. And educate your sons to treat women as equals and not the pseudo-equality bullshit that is going around today.  Atleast, the future might hold hope for a better gender equality and set humankind toward modernization… Lord Shiva accepted Shakthi as his equal aeons back, and if  now a so-called modern, progressive society treats  people other than its male members as nonentities, then damn modernity and damn civilization…


Note: This post was further edited at 10.43 pm, IST.


4 thoughts on “It is us who have to be blamed

    • It is indeed a very distressing incident, and I am not prejudiced against any section of the society… i am just saying that people need to act, instead of waiting for the government to do something…

  1. see, Guardian Angels (~_~) the prison system is full of those who have no self control, this is what is needed to be instilled in our youths so that when They grow up, they do not get out of control, I feel ya,

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