Last Single Girl Standing

Day before yesterday, I met my best friend and her fiance. She is getting married next week. I was/am extremely happy for her. She is one of the few close friends that I have (loner alert!) and one of the fewer people I know from college who have invited me for her wedding (Note: Just because I am not active on Facebook does not mean I have been abducted by aliens and hence cannot attend marriages).

(Who am I kidding? I don’t like marriages!)

Now that she is getting hitched, that leaves me the last single girl from our original gang of four from college.

Am I happy that I still enjoy my single gal status? Yes I am!

Am I feeling a little bit sad in a little corner of my heart that I still haven’t met THE ONE?

Hmm.. can’t say.

My mom gets a lil bit upset (at me) everytime she sees a wedding invitation. I think she cannot comprehend why I don’t want to get married. Well, in my defense, even I cannot comprehend why I don’t want to get married. But i know I do not want to “settle down” yet…

So I decided to get all Cosmo about it and asked her:

“Give me three reasons why should I get married now”

My mom, being who she is, retorted back “Give me three reasons why you shouldn’t get married now?”

Using my newfound maturity as a support, I magnamiously gave her three reasons

1. I am happy now. There is not a single thing that I want to change now (well, apart from the data shown when I step on the weighing scales)

2. I am a chocolate addict. There, I said it. How can you  marry off someone who makes major, possibly life-altering decisions purely based on the amount of cocoa running through her veins? I need help to recover from my addiction and then get my life into perpective. And then, maybe…

3. “How long will my addiction last?” I don’t know, honestly. Do you think I like being a chocolate addict? (My mom  nods her head vigorously). In exasperation, I say to her: “Give me one more year” (which is what I have been saying to her the past three years.)

And I repeated my question to her

Here is the unedited transcript of the ensuing conversation

Mom: Number 1: You need a family of your own.

Me: Yeah, you are my family.

Mom: No, I am not your family. You are my family. But you need to have your own family, just like I have my own family.

Me (crying): I knew it, I knew it! I knew it

Mom (in exasperation): What?

Me (bawling): I knew I was adopted! You never have photographs of me as a newborn baby. My whole picturebook history starts only when I am one-year old. But all my elder cousins have their newborn baby photos. I am adopted, aren’t I?!

Mom (patiently): No, you idiot. We didn’t have a camera back then.

Me (still maintaing the same decibel volume of bawling): Well, couldn’t you have borrowed one? Just tell me I am adopted. (Cue dramatic flailing of arms) I can handle the truth.

Mom: Shut up. I am going to sleep.


Which kind of put my Cosmo tryst to an end.

P.S. Oh, and Happy Single Day everyone! (Psst its on 11/11)


8 thoughts on “Last Single Girl Standing

  1. marriage is the cage for the birds, you should enjoy flying around while you can before settling down into the birdcage, the last one means your the smart one and one day this will make sense to you but right now you are frustrated looking into the bird cage wanting to be paired up and looking through the bars from the inside out and one day when you are inside looking out you,ll wish you were outside looking in again..

  2. Marriage is an entertaining man-concocted attempt at blaspheming the evolutionary urge towards polyamory.

    It is an institution that is unnecessary when things are rosy and a shackle when things are at their worst. 🙂

  3. when i was a child my parent telling me that its time for you to start your studies and its time to go to school i was telling i am very happy now whats wrong in this life and they screamed at me and sent to school (i am not enough matured to cross fight with my parents with irrelavent logic thinkings) and i finished my studies and got a job and working now and supporting my family
    if i didnt went to school that day …. i still can start my educations now (at age 29) but you know how difficult it will be and even with out studies i can support my family but that will be other hard way in my opnion as a human beind you have to do certain things at certain age (remember one thing come out of your comfort zone every magical things will happen there out side of your comfort zones) its just my opinion am not trying to infleuence you or not to educate you just giving you because you are asking for 3 good reason to get marry

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