10 things I will take from you

You know, my mom and pops are the coolest people in the planet.

Except when they start about me getting married (REALLY!)

Then they become slightly less cool.

Anyway, you know how we have these banal conversations about stuff at home?

So one of the favorite questions that mom likes to ask (apart from “What do you want to eat” and after some time, a harried “Why do you eat so much?!!”) is “What will you take with you when you go to your husband’s place after you get married?”


This is particularly funny because there is NO way I am ever gonna face that scenario in the near future (by which I mean next couple of days).


So I humor her and reply “Umm this that that this…” And then one fine day, I George Cloonesquely realized that “Man, I do have to take a decision soon about that question”. And so after all the storming in the brain, here are the answers


1. Um.. er… the purple velvet blanket that you said you bought for me but always sleep wrapped in it like a spring roll.

2. And, ugh, the curtains in our home? I’d probably toss it out in the garbage while going out (red striped curtains? seriously!)

3. Um. soap. Coz I am very particular about personal hygiene. Especially that of others.

4. Er.. um…the wild assortment of bags that I bought for you but used myself.

5. Tea coasters. Nobody uses them at our home anyway. And it was only last month that I stumbled upon the name. All this while I referred to them as “table disks” and you didn’t even bother correcting me

6. Um.. wait.. er… water bottle?

7. One of the moisturizing lotion bottles that nobody in the family came around to using…I might gift it to my new neighbor

8. Er.. does it have to be 10 exactly?

9. Are you sure.. coz.. it’s difficult.


Heck I am staying!




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