How I died laughing and lived to tell about it…

Disclamier: The aim of this post is not to ridicule, make fun of, poke fun at, make irresponsible remarks about anybody. Those who are offended may contact me via my personal mobile phone number, which will never be given out and, even if given out, will never be answered and if answered, it won’t be me.

And you don’t even know who I am…

Except that some do, and it is okay you know…
Woo hoo, so now I can get started…

You know what is really funny about the people of your country whom you meet abroad?

It is that subtle nonchalance with which they follow the strict rules of the country they are visiting. You know, like standing rigidly in a taxi queue, waiting for the signal to go green before they cross an empty road and… wait for it… disposing garbage off in a dustbin!

It is so funny I am gonna die!

It is like once the Air India jet crosses the Indian airspace, a whole new breed of people are reborn everyday in the narrow confines of the turbulence-hit flying machine.

I was shocked, surprised, happy, tearful and almost started bawling loudly in the middle of Changi Airport, wondering how a 3.5-hour journey could transform a whole bunch of nonconformists into slaves of conformism.

And as I encountered my brothers and sisters in the jampacked aisles of Mustafa Supermarket, I was only more and more intrigued at the radical  magical transformation. People formed automatic queues, gave way to overburdened shoppers AND walked on the pavements and not in the middle of the road.


P.S. Unfortunately, I noticed that retransformation also took place punctually in return flights back to India. Seatbelt signs were studiously ignored, people kept bumping into other people for no particular reason and I think we even had a situation when the harried Air India hostess tried to parachute her way out of the constant claims for “Madam, water”, “Please, one more whisky peg” and “Madam, kadalai* please”.

(Oh, don’t misunderstand, the guy was actually asking for an extra peanuts pack.)

Hmm… there is something magical in the air freshners used in the Air India flights flying out of this country.



*Sorry, only some people can understand the “kadalai” pun! 😉


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