Happy World Book Day!

I fell in love the first time I set my eyes upon a book, and then promptly began to tear it into pieces and chew the paper. I was probably two years old then.

Okay, I made up the story.

I don’t know anything that influences me more in my life than the current book I am reading. You can confidently say “Oh, P.G. Wodehouse,” if you see me in good spirits or “Oh Paulo Coelho,” if I look thoughtful (ha! no, you are wrong. If I have the “thoughtful face”, it means I am sleeping with my eyes open).



To all the people who buy a book

To while away time or to learn to cook

Based on New York Times bestseller list

Or just choosing what is cheapest

Wish you a Happy World Book Day!


You either read it or you just stow it away

But never think about giving it away

For when your hair is wrong

Or you had a real bad day

It is only a book that will console you

And keep the sadness at bay


Because only books give you unconditional love

And all it needs is two-inch space in your shelf  above

Remember, when you have a rash or suffer from acne

The book is never going to turn its face away


So rub your hands together with glee

Because  the love of your life is found finally

The white sheets that have been printed and bound

Will be all that you need when you are lonely  to be safe and sound (Of course, provided you don’t read Stephen King at night.)



“Write a corny poem about books” . Check.



4 thoughts on “Happy World Book Day!

  1. Nice poem, D!

    I don’t just stow away mine but my parents’ and their parents’ too. I have a weak spot for old books and observant people might find my nose immersed in the depths of the pages, capturing the the aroma of wood and paper.

    Of course, my eyes carry out their responsibility too! 🙂

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