Scandi “naive”ea

What do you do when you capture a man who has cold bloodedly murdered more than a hundred people, 77 of whom were shot in their heads with mechanical precision at a close range?
A. Hang him with no trial/ secretly strap him onto a badly made missile that is destined to burst prematurely over the Indian Ocean (North Korean style)
B. Bar him from any public appearances and deny him any chance in the next 100 years to again open his mouth and defend himself (First-world style)
C.Make him wait for an excruciating number of years and then decide to award death sentence (Indian style)
D. Allow him to make public appearances, make a Nazi salute, speak about why he did what he did, explain in intricate detail how he shot every one of his victims in close range while the families of the deceased listen with increasing horror, make him front-page headlines in every self-respecting newspaper ever published in this world, and probably decide in the end he is criminally insane and commit him to a psychiatric institution where he will probably be attended to by the best of the physicans, eat enriching food and listen to, probably Bach and Beethoven while he plots yet another massacre (Norway style).

Do you see what I see?

It is wrong, it is so wrong. We live in a world of fear, yes we do. And we do not need agents of death explaining how to murder people or build bombs. This is not a freaking Tarantino movie where blood spurts out with cinematic perfection set to the tune of Mozart. Why all this exhibition? What is Norway trying to prove to the rest of us ordinary mortals? That they are so superior they treat murderers with equal respect as Mother Teresa? Give a voice to express the twisted sense of world peace of an insane person? Make it an open trial and make people squirm in their seats at chilling descriptions of the massacre?
What are you trying to prove, Norway?


2 thoughts on “Scandi “naive”ea

  1. I can imagine the spartan’s sitting around making battle plans and perfecting war… the guy who invented the catapult, then china making missles from fire crackers then early american scientist making military missles and then the atom bomb, so our future is clear, some one will devise a weapon to destroy a planet in case we go to war with aliens then what… a weapon to rid the universe????

    I liked ‘C’

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