That Sinking Feeling

Know what, I ‘m done. Through. I went through the whole ordeal in 1997 and I am not prepared to go through it again. Anyway, what’s the deal about commemorating the sinking of a ship and death of a thousand people? If I were the President of the Earth, I would do my best to cover up the whole damn thing. Imagine, aliens crashing in on a party commemorating the “Commemorative Event on 100 Years of Sinking of the Unsinkable Titanic”. And if they do manage to speak our language, imagine how the conversation would span out



“So what are you celebrating?”

“The sinking of a ship and the resulting deaths of 1512 people + Jack Dawson 100 years ago”


So now the alien would think “What kind of a living race would remember one of the greatest disasters of engineering in their history and be nostalgic about it?” Is that how you want the human race to be remembered? And, we have been taught from our childhood to forget the bad things and remember the good things. And how does this “Commemorative Event on 100 Years of Sinking of the Unsinkable Titanic” fit into the scheme of things anyway? What about celebrating all the nonsinking ships and boats and George Soros’ yachts that are valiantly battling on the sea and not being such a mouse as the Titanic that lost its balance just because an iceberg punched a hole in it? Eh? How about holding an event to celebrate “To all  things, apart from oil from Gulf Spill and wreckage from Japan tsunami, that manage to stay afloat on water”. Wouldn’t that be a nice thing to look forward to? I bet even the aliens would approve.


6 thoughts on “That Sinking Feeling

  1. the all mighty dollar… why publicize it??? money! If it were a true need by one person you would never hear about it… but what made money once… others will attempt to profit from … that is why there are sequels


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