The Dream

You know how everyone have their own dreams. Not the “dream” dream about how you were enrolled at Hogwarts but couldn’t pay the fees. The other dream. The dreams where one is successful, working in New York, meeting a George Cloonesque type One Fine Day? Yeah, I know. All this happens only if you are Michelle Pfeiffer. But anyway, it does not matter. It doesn’t cost me a cent (umm it is actually paise) to dream. So I dream. New York, Publishing, George Clooney/what’s that guy in the godawful movie named after bound paper. It is the same dream. I love New York. Atleast I do like the romcoms that are shot there (it is probably Vancouver because of all the tax breaks these Canadians give , but what do I know?). That is what I do during weekends (also weeknights, yes, highly disconcerting, I know). Watch romcoms starring  bored looking A-list stars paired up with enthusiastic B+listers shot in Vancouver New York. I am pretty sure it is an awesome city. I mean, they have the subway!


4 thoughts on “The Dream

  1. I would like to go to New York just for the lolz.

    Have my photo taken alongside some homeless people. Video someone being mugged. Outwit one of those street con artists who do the card tricks.

    Then go and have a massive fry up and a Starbucks.


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