The beginning of the end of the beginning

The only ambition I have in life is to be happy. Nothing more, nothing less. Being happy for me involves the following things

1. Staying with my family (bet you are saying “ugghh, get out already”)

2. Doing the job I love and I am passionate about (check)

3. Stalking my ex-crush on social networking websites (check)

So you could say I lead a pretty decent life (even if you do not, I would). But the thing that freaks me out is the fact that this peaceful existence is going to be shattered by a stranger in the coming years… you know, the one I am going to marry. Below is the list of reasons why I am supposed to get married this year (and preferably tomorrow, if you ask my mom):

1. I am getting old (um yes, that’s true. )

2. My parents are getting old (that’s a given)

3. My relatives abroad have some visa/leave problem and can come only this year to India (no comment)

4. My grandmother is getting old (see comment to point 2)

5. Everybody else my age is getting married (so?)

6. Put a rest to the “Am I secretly dating someone else?” rumors in my extended family

7. Potential bridegroom’s mother is a good old soul who also happens to be a close friend of my grandmother’s friend’s sister’s husband (eh?)

8. I am getting old (sigh)


Where is the love?



3 thoughts on “The beginning of the end of the beginning

  1. I know it’s different cultures and that but I find the pressure that is being put on you rather disgusting to be honest.

    It’s your life and not anyone else’s. “I am going to die soon” is not a legitimate reason for a parent or grandparent to push you into something like marriage.

  2. inner peace comes and goes like the wind, but happiness is more like the sunshine… that lasts all day, yes there will be some rain but mostly clear skies… the key to tranquility is acceptance.


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