You have an inkling that your life is going nowhere when you are slumped on a couch, in a dark room, watching “Sharkoptus” movie and biting your nails, wondering “What is going to happen next”? And then you realise, with rapid horror, that you were in the same couch, slumped in the same position, in the same room at the same time yesterday, watching “Dinocroc versus Supergator”, biting your nails, wondering “What is going to happen next?”
And that’s when you decide “I am going to make something out of my life”, and then proceed to flip channels and then, it happens…
White Chicks, with subtitles that miraculously changes dialogues to suit the “audience tastes” in accordance with Indian Broadcasting guidelines.
Where else would a dialogue like “I am not gay” be subtitletranslated as “I am straight”?
Oh this is going to be so much fun.

Wonder what happened to the surf dude in Sharkoptus. He looked kind of hot. Was he tickled to death by the “optus” part or bitten to death by the “Shark” part of the animal?
I wonder.


4 thoughts on “Eh?

  1. Eh? What? Dee? What is going on with the name? *head assplodes*

    I can’t ever watch those disaster monster films, I just get infuriated with them. There is a scene in Mega Shark where the shark manages to jump 20000 feet in the air and chomp on a plane.

    I hated Cloverfield for similar reasons. Elves, wizards and orcs in Lord of the Rings? No problem, perfectly logical. A gigantic monster that is immune to bombs and can sneak up on people? No way hozay. No way.

    I think surfer dude is living inside Sharkoptus just like Pinocchio did.

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