Modesty is the Best Policy

I have no unreal notions that men and women have an equal place in the society. And I know that gender equality isn’t happening in my generation. Women in Chennai, purported to be a “conservative society” are still daily subjected to uninvited  taunts, jeers, and meaningful glances. And this is not because we dress in an immodest way. It is because we have an X chromosome when we were embryos instead of a Y. Isn’t that mind-boggling when you state that in the most technical way possible? One chromosome instead of another, and then suddenly we are open invitations to all and sundry. I usually do not crib about being a girl. I am not envious about men either. It is these brackets and labels that makes me want to shout out loud at the uselessness of archetyping anything and everything into brackets. Man, woman, fair, dark, black, brown, beautiful, plain… If you peel off the layer of skin that envelops all our labels, we realize that underneath, it is all just a nauseating mix of blood and muscle and all sorts of predominantly red thingamajigs. And no, it is not a “pretty” sight.

So why are women targeted because of the clothes they wear? Do we really want to “invite trouble”, as senior Indian police official (lets call him Mr. Know it all) put it,  when we dress the way we want to? And please, really, give credit to the average Indian woman. We  use  acres of  fabric to roll ourselves up in. In fact, we are the reason that the Indian textile industry is booming in an era of post-recessional recession. So now that air is cleared Mr. Know-it-all-about-Indian-women, we could use some advice.  How should we dress “modestly enough” to make sure we invite absolutely NO interest? Maybe you could hold a seminar and then give a lec-dem, since you know so much about  this stuff (I bet your wife, if she is still around, is a very lucky woman). Come on, you know it best, for after all, you are the expert. Aren’t you?

Oh and by the way, nobody can tell you what to wear and how to wear it. Not even Gucci.


3 thoughts on “Modesty is the Best Policy

  1. was it man or woman who invented clothing
    was it invented to sheild ourselves from the elements
    or to keep our thoughts more pure for those who can not control themselves as an animal, therefore he or she that shackles and domesticates the mind is civilized and protects themself from those who are not? The clothes themself are mere ornaments of one’s self and no one can tell you how to wear your glasses much less your clothes (~_~) nice write

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