The Old Year Resolution

2011 has been a satisfying year for me (notwithstanding the fact that Prince William’s wedding had to take place on my birthday) . I hope it had been the same to you all too. 2012 is purported to bring the end of the world (well mine unofficially ended 4 years ago when Abhishek Bachchan… never mind, I don’t even wanna type about it). So I reckoned, why not live the “last year” of my life in the way I want? So that’s my New Year Resolution: Living life my way. The way I would have ended my ideal “last year of life” would have been  being holed in a Cadbury’s factory along with a shirtless Rafael Nadal, but hey, you can’t have your beefcake and eat chocolate too.

So what would you do if 2012 was the last year you would walk on this earth? Whom would you mend fences with? What adventures would you undertake? To whom would you say “I love you” and “lay off the grass” with equal gusto? What places (in your budget) would you visit? And the food you’d eat and the movies you’d watch and the books you’d read?

Go ahead and do it all in 2012. What if the Mayans were right?

P.S. I am getting really annoyed with the “2012” movie marathon running on Star Movies for the past one month. Every time I switch on that channel, I see either USS John F. Kennedy or St.Peter’s Basilica being destroyed. Now if the world were to be destroyed, I’ d just probably shrug and mentally compare notes with the movie scenes. Ugghh movie makers, you destroy everything!!


7 thoughts on “The Old Year Resolution

  1. Those damn royals ruin everything for everyone. Philip even ruined Xmas by having that trip to the hospital.

    I would say ‘I love you’ to the Mayans themselves ‘cos it meant I won’t have to pay back that £10 to my next door neighbour.

  2. prolly do just what i did this year…but eat way more of the real good (read fatty, and high cholesterol) stuff…maybe be even way way more of a dickhead towards the spoilers of this existence. happy new year Dee. continue…

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