You know there are those days when you mentally swore, wondering why you looked at a certain person in the eye only to be misconstrued by that certain person as staring for completely different reasons? Well I have been icky about it for the past 4 hours so I thought “why not put it in writing and get done and over with it?” So here I go.

The morning started normal enough for me. I woke up on time, as usual late, and proceeded to perform a perfected routine of running to the bathroom to take bath, forgetting to take my clothes, running back to my closet, rummaging through clothes, finding nothing sensible to wear to work, you know, the works… Then dad dropped me at my usual drop point and I waited for the bus/share auto that would take me to work.

Then came an auto and I hopped onto it, only to realize that the audio player was playing a CD of the choiciest mix of 1980s sleazy movie songs. Okay, for those of you who do not know about this particular genre of Indian film music, it is usually sung by a female with a shreiking voice, punctuated by a series of “ooohh”s and “aaaahhhss” and “hey”s in a very provocative manner that would have made Hugh Hefner blush. And it usually was accompanied by a video of scantily clad buxom woman with a perennial expression of lust plastered on her face gyrating dangerously to the music. Not unlike a 50 Cent music video, with a lot more BMI.

Okay I get it. People might want to hear such songs after an especially tiresome day, very invigorating I guess? But to hear a series of shrieks and ooohs and aaahhs in the morning was sheer torture. Apparently the driver didn’t think so. So there was song after song after song that made me wanna jump off the auto in tears. I tried sticking my earphones to block the sound, but today was the day my phone battery decided to empty itself. Agghh. So I resorted to praying, chanting god’s names and thinking about stuff radically different from the stuff implied by the songs. No avail, and so I stared at the auto driver, hoping he’d get the hint and stop the audio player. This guy chanced upon me looking at him through the rear view mirror. He gave a suppressed smile at me that was pure evil and made me pray even more fervently. I refused to think what he thought I thought. My mom would have approved of the devoted way in which I chanted the names of one god after another. Soon I opened my eyes to find the share auto empty and the music reaching to a crescendo-ish “Aaaaaahhhh”. Thankfully, my destination arrived. Thanking all the gods in the order that I prayed (I am very meticulous you know), I got down and paid the fare. The guy leered and said something that I pretended not to hear.

Actually, I really did not hear what he said. And I am happy I did not. But still I cannot let go of the icky feeling of being subjected to bawdy film music in the early morning. Gawd!


11 thoughts on “Icky!

  1. where I work, they have hear plugs that are sold by the boxes of hundreds and I wear them, as to not hear the vulgarness of others and their rap music. It really doesn’t make it silent but it tones it down.

    I believe society has reached a point with technology that there are those who use music and noise to annoy others and then there are those who sadly do not think that what they do annoys others (~_~)

    have a wonderful and joyous holiday season

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