The remnants of love

Can’t u see,

We were not meant to be

However hard we try

We know that we are

Living a lie

I m sick

I m tired

Of all the unheard things I told you

Of being a second fiddle

To the idiot box

To try not to remember

Forgotten promises

Don’t you realize

Every time you push me away

To watch god damned t.v

How much you are hurting me?

Where is the love

After all these years

I thought it would

Mellow down to affection

But all I get

Is mono syllable answers

I cry at night

You dont hear

I bang things in frustration

You don’t listen

Why did u say u’d love me forever

When all u do

Is look at me like I m part of

The cushions and  cover

I cant take this anymore

I m walking out tomorrow

Maybe you will not even notice

What with the scheduled live coverage

of Manchester United’s pre-match practice


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