Rocket Science

Phew, Diwali is over. The festival of lights (aka the festival where you can hog like a pig without the fear of being saddled with the “hogging like a pig” subtext because, frankly, everybody is doing the same) has been slightly dampened by the incessant rains in Chennai, but who cares, we love to burst damp firecrackers too. The only drawback is that the firecrackers didn’t seem to like the rain very much and hence gave out sounds ranging from a little yelp to a demure whimper, instead of the BOOM sound that I hoped would crack my nosy neighbor’s windows. Anyway, we went out to the terrace to burst the rockets. It was as though the rockets too were in some sort of depression. Defying all laws of physics and Einstein, it went down everytime we lit one, directly into the next block of flats. So picture this, my dad valiantly motivating the last rocket to fly up (not unlike the NASA asking for funds), my mom cracking her wise (and really really funny) one-liners, and me in the “run in case of fire” posture. My grandmother chipped in for a cameo. One big happy family (albeit with damp firecrackers that REFUSED to burst). Happy Diwali it was!:)


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