Just so you know

You are not the only one in this world thinking

  1. “My day  is the turning out to be the epitome of  bad”
  2. “Who is Justin Beiber? And what’s with the screaming”?
  3. “I’d jump from a running bullet train rather than hear Rebecca Black singing about the days of the week one more time”
  4. “No Mr RJ, it is not a beautiful morning. I am sick to the stomach and I have a presentation to make at the office”
  5. “God, why do I never get a parking space at once?”
  6. “I have the worst neighbours in the whole wide world”
  7. “I have 345 friend in Facebook and I do not know who they are”
  8. “Oops I just backended a Benz”
  9. “Orlando Bloom is hot, Orlando Bloom is hot…”
  10. “When is the next movie of Twilight series coming so I can run in the opposite direction of the movie theatre”

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