Midnight in Paris: Charming

A delightful concoction of fantasy, romance, and comedy, Midnight in Paris is yet another triumph for Woody Allen. The story follows a Hollywood screenwriter-turned-aspiring novelist Gil (Owen Wilson), who takes a trip to Paris along with his fiance Inez (Rachel McAdams) . He is madly in love with the city; however, his travelling companions do not see the beauty of “walking in the rain” in the streets of Paris and leave him to his own devices to experience it.  One night, he  chances upon a portal to the travel to Paris of the  “roaring twenties,” a period which he admires, and meets up with Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway and all other great writers and artists of the 20th century. He strikes up a rapport with Pablo Picasso’s lover Adriana (Marion Cotillard), which makes him realize the emptiness of his relationship with Inez. As he enters a fantasy world peppered with the best of 20th century writers, artists and thinkers , he slowly gains an insight into the lives, dreams and aspirations of  the people of the 1920s, which surprisingly seem to  parallel his ideas and notions of life.

Owen Wilson plays his role adeptly, with Rachel Mc Adams and Michael Sheen adding to the charm onscreen. Marion Cotillard sparkles in her role. Adrein Brody, as Salvador Dali, is the absolute scene-stealer of the film. The music is a highlight, transporting the film to another dimension. Cinematography and editing are neat and crisp, adding to the flavor of the movie

Watch this movie to fall in love with Paris, yet again.


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