The Breakdown of a marriage

You are late

Yes, I know.

Where were you?

Where do you think I was?

I don’t know. For all I know, you could have been shacking up with your new hot secretary

I was at work.

Yeah. I believe you.

Great. I need a divorce

What do you mean?

I cannot put up with a nagging at-home spouse anymore. That’s the last thing I need now.

All these years, and then you suddenly..

I said I need a divorce

I left my job to take care of our child. I gave up my whole career!

Thanks, I will send you flowers

Since when did you become stone-hearted?

Since you became a nagging, suspecting moron. Get out of my house

“Our” house

Not the last time I checked. I paid for the house, remember?

Don’t do it. I am sorry

So am I, for marrying you.

I love you

No, I am very doubtful of that. Leave NOW!

The door slammed shut

“Bitch!, ” he muttered, walking into the darkness of the night.


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