Eat pray die

I am a normal girl. A normal girl of not-so-normal height and definitely not-so-normal weight. Otherwise I am normal. Normal compared to Kim Kardashian (atleast I don’t have a *ex-tape…. i think). Not so normal compared to Heidi Klum (even with Seal n all…).  In my spare time, I do what every self-respecting girl of my age would do: sigh at anorexic models, drool over Rafael Nadal and try different ways to lose atleast 5g of weight every year. The first two, I do with all gusto; the last one, not very happily and not very successfully. I have put my body through all types of diet. The Beyonce-when-she-had-to-lose-weight-for-a-movie diet, the Kareena-when-she-had-to-lose-weight-for-a-movie diet, and the Jennifer Lopez-when-she-was-feeling-lazy-she-decided-to-diet diet. (first two were difficult to follow since I had to eat/breathe/drink only air for 2 weeks. Don’t even ask about the last one, a disaster, just like JLo’s most recent marriage). So in a world where we are (or atleast I am) obsessed with being thin, it is heartening to see people who weigh on the heavier side winning in Hollywood. Some examples:

1. Jennifer Hudson

Okay, she has lost weight now and looks like an anorexic Barbie Doll’s anorexic Barbie Doll.

2. The girl who starred in Hairspray movie:

She is now out of work and is employed at a departmental store. Ouch!

3. Raven Symone

Has lost weight recently

4. Penelope Cruz

My bad, she was not fat, she was pregnant for the most part of last year. And is now neither fat… nor pregnant

Okay. I need to lose weight!

P.S. Latest diet fad is the “Anna Hazare diet.” Fast against corruption and lose upto 5 kg a week.*

*Side effects include extensive worldwide media coverage.

What the Ozzy Osbourne! I am game!


2 thoughts on “Eat pray die

  1. Another good example I saw on the television yesterday was Kelly Clarkson. She was on the Ellen Degeneres show and was wearing a spandex dress that hugged every curve she had. She had curves and a couple rolls but damn, if only we were all so brave!

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