Before Sun sets

I was just watching this movie the other day, Before Sunset, and was floored by how good it is. It does not have special effects or men jumping from copters or half-naked women throwing themselves at nobody in particular. It is just a conversation between two people. A beautiful one at that. How do you describe love, and how much does destiny play a part in meeting and living with someone you like? Beyond a point, do you just take solace in the fact that you are not lonely, it doesn’t matter whether the person whom you spend the rest of your life with really loves you. Maybe I am just insecure, but I do not think I can ever open myself to anybody. There is always a small voice inside me, preventing me from taking that “big leap” toward sharing yourself with someone. I am neither suspicious nor paranoid, it is just that I cannot stand that someone knows everything about me. But then once you are in a different culture and city, you automatically reveal more about yourselves to strangers, maybe with a tiny glimpse of hope that at last you can feel one with the world.


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