Why Chennai makes me smile

What is is with Chennai that makes me smile every single day? Is it the vehicle clogged roads? Or serene cows in the middle of  rush hour traffic? I am not a romantic. I dont go “Aww!” and take photographs of munching cows in middle of the roads for posterity.  And by the end of the work week, I can be found at the deep end of an ever-expanding share auto, rattled to the bone by the constant vibrations of the engine, tearing my hair apart.  I hate the fact that you cant walk on pavements (those are strictly for motorists by the way). Rather, you cant walk safe anywhere in Chennai for that matter. And I hate the fact that bus conductors are always short of change. And I do not even want to go into the specifics of hailing an auto and getting into it within being robbed of your entire savings account. I hate the fact that cars are driven like bullock carts, with motorists willing to climb over vehicles to get in front of the traffic. It is all a constant jostle for space. A mad rush to get there first (“there” meaning nowhere in particular). Although I have never lived in another city in my life, I have had my share of travels across major Indian metropolitan cities. But within a few days I have nostalgic memories of Chennai. I badly miss the food, the traffic, the contant “adjust pannunga” chatter in buses, the heavenly aroma of “The Hindu,” the twangy smell of sea breeze, and the hot hot weather! Maybe I am a romantic, after all!


2 thoughts on “Why Chennai makes me smile

  1. Years of dextrously driving around bovines hasn’t dampened my amazement at their measured indifference to humans or automobiles.

    Must add, though, that Chennai is better than most other cities. In some of these, it isn’t just the bovines that are indifferent!

    Beautifully summed up, Divya. Enjoyed reading.

    I’m going to have to create night reading time for your blog!

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