Resuming childhood memories

Sometimes I am amazed at the blandness of our existence. We humans really have no creativity. How do you otherwise  explain the incredibly boring resumes that we create for a potential job? We are at least 21 years old when we apply for our first full-time professional job. And how is it that all of our 20 odd years amount barely a single A4 sheet (with great help from double spaces and font size 39) with half the page filled up with our contact information? What about the time you played cricket and cracked a neighbor’s window and then ran for your life? Doesn’t it amount to anything?? At least an entry under “soft skills”? “Thinks quick on feet (and runs quicker too)” maybe? Or when you were 3 years old, buying a mango ice dolly and making it last forever, slowly savoring its intense flavor and then proudly wagging your tongue at whoever you see? Maybe you could classify it under “Soft skills” with sub category “Maximum utilization of resources with minimum cost involved”. What about the time you fell into a ditch, rode your cycle straight into a truck, fell into a swimming pool and barely survived, was lost and found, had to watch your best friend leave the town, and won a prize for anything? Hasn’t every incident taught you something about life, and living? Surprisingly, we don’t mention any of this stuff on our resume. When employers ask about an incident that changed your life, none of your past exploits even strikes your mind. Probably you will explain how you were involved in conducting a really important international symposium at college (yawn). And monotonously drone on the management and leadership skills that you acquired, along with lessons on “maximum utilization of resources” (yawninfinity). Maybe if you dig deeper, you might just realise that childhood was really a self-taught MBA course. And then maybe, your resumes might just undergo a makeover… Maybe..


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