The diary of an editor.

KeywordsDiary, Copyediting, Boring, I frankly do not have a life so leave me alone!.

Dear daiary,

I am so happy that 2010 is at last coming to an end. Why cant a year have 5 to 6 months? 1That way, we all willcan automatically live to be a 100 years ha ha ha:)Anyway, jokes apart,1 I am really happy at the way this year hasz shaped up. I mean, i I did get my dream job didn‘t I?! THANK GOD I did not go to that ITinformation technology (IT) company. If I had done so, I ’would have been one in a 1,000,000million graduates falling into the IT field. Anyway, all these months, I have beembeen constantly asked about what I exactley do.3 When I say I edit science journals of repuetedreputed companies rlans. So yes, I do have a preetty interesting job. :p Then there is the invariable nenxt question. What exactly is my job profile? My unflinchingly unchanged answer is : I edit, therefore I am an editoraur. Then they look as though I am an completes idiot. I know what they are thinking. I mean, who wants to edit science journals when they can write them? Well, all I want towanna say is: someone got tota edit riteperform editorial functions?. And btwby the way, I think it is the awesomesta nice job in the world. So wat y’all think??!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚Your opinions and comments are welcome.2


1 Divya S The joke on how a year can have reduced number of months. One minute study of 1 case in Chennai. South Med J 1942;35:160–167.

2 Divya S Actually I do not care about what you think.J Bone Joint Surg Br 2006;88:1032–1038

3 Divya S Au: Reference is incomplete. Please provide proper references.


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