I live a very interesting life (or so I think). And half of it has been spent in buses for the past one year. So it would not be an exaggeration if I say I have seen almost all that is to be seen in life. Irate drivers with their hands glued to the horn; flower sellers who insist on keeping their bags under your legs so that they can have free leg space (btw I realized I have an intense allergic reaction to marigolds); “co-passengers” who insist on rubbing their body parts against yours, with particular affinity to the um lower parts of the dorsal body.. the list is endless. And then there are the Guinness records broken everyday on the number of people who can fit into a bus. On the last count it was 350, not taking into account the 50 people who hung onto the footboard and the 38 guys who ran alongside the bus for the whole  distance. Then there are the drunkards who invariably provide comic relief, “pass”engers who refuse to pass the tickets, women who dump their handbags, lunch bags, make up kits, umbrellas, and vegetable baskets on the seated people, and the “retired” cases who demand the 50 paise balance with great gusto. I do not know how long I will continue this crazy traveling, but I will never forget the invaluable lessons that traveling in buses has taught me.

1) The bus does not stop at your bus stop. Smile, and wait for the next bus

2) A lady has just stamped your feet with her Manolo Blahnik imitation heels, say “aaahhh”, in your mind. Smile.

3) A person is standing too close to you, stamp him/her with the best strength you can muster. And smile

4) Conductor abuses you for not bringing change. Pretend you don’t know the language. Smile

5) You rush to a vacant seat only to beaten by an 85-year- old lady who overtakes you. Smile.

6) The person sitting next to you hasn’t been near water all his/her life. Use your handkerchief. Put your head outside the window. Or surrender to the smell. Smile.

7) A lady dumps her “Channel” or “Gucchi” bag on your lap with no warning. Smile.

8) Anything happens on the bus. Smile!

Experience speaks… err.. smiles!:)


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