An ode to the bus driver (and the conductor)

I wave for the bus to stop

Praying you’d hit the break

Sometimes you do stop

Sometimes you just drive away

And then your partner in crime

Comes toward me with a frown

And I search for the elusive dime

Before in his insults I drown

Sometimes it rains

Sometimes it is sunshine

Through all this weather change

How do you manage to be late every time?

And then there are the curses

You heap on erring drivers, making it personal

Wait, don’t you realise?

You just jumped the red signal!

You bristle at the whistle

Gunning the engine like a hero

But then you notice the cow in front

And the acceleration drops to zero!

Then you realize

And back to reality you come

After all you know

This isn’t Formula 1!

Sometimes you are Zen

And sometimes you are Mel Gibson

You are unfathomable

Driving in roads that are “undrivable”

And so the ode to the driver ends

And the wait for next bus begins

As I wave my hand in vain

There you go, speeding up again!


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