The Social Networth

There are some things that don’t change, no matter how many millenniums pass by. Like corrupt politicians. And then, there are some things that change. Like what is oh-so-cool and what is definitely not.



It was a cold windy night in my college hostel. Me and a group of innocent girls sat around a friend of mine, eager first years listening wide-eyed as she patiently explained what Orkut was. No, it was not a new variety of seedai or muruku taught by Mallika Badrinath aunty in Jaya TV Diwali special cookery show! It was the “kewlest” thing on web “rite” now. And it was by invitation only, which only added to its mystique. After much cajoling, she agreed to send me a friend request to my e-mail id, (FYI the only e-mail id among my friends that had both barbie and teddybear AND my name). I accepted her friend request and became the newest member of the clandestine “Oh-I’m-on-Orkut-and-I’m-SO-cool” club. The rest they say is history. I could now access the profile of the cutest guy in my class and ogle all night long at his “pics” (of course by discreetly shielding the left side of the “pic” where his girlfriend stood arm in arm). My profile pictures changed like the complexion of the girl in fair&lovely ads. And I rode on this popularity wave for 2 years. How was I to know that while I was adding Friends blooper videos (a sureshot way to increase the number of friend requests from Bits-Pilani types), Mark Zuckerberg was clutching his perfectly permed hair, fine-tuning his masterpiece?!


Gmail chat with a school friend whom I particularly don’t like

“You sent me a friend request on Orkut? Sorry da, it has been a loong time since I used Orkut” [<—the name is said with the slightest hint of sarcasm].

“Send me request on Fb, I will accept it” [yeah, after 200 light years, and then some!].




“Oh , you’re not on Fb, hmm. ok, will catch up wit ya l8r, bye”

End of conversation.

The poor guy, of course, does not stand a chance. I mean who in the free world uses Orkut anyway?! It is like saying you prefer watching Friends instead of How I Met Your Mother. Not a cool thing to be caught dead watching.

Well anyway, check out my latest links in Fb. HIMYM bloopers and all!


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